This means that when you give to Impact Hope, 100% of your gift goes directly to the refugees.

Donate to Benefit Refugees

These refugee students have many needs—classroom supplies, uniforms, transportation and other day to day expenses. Help these students thrive in their new school with your gift. With our all-volunteer staff, all your money goes directly to the students.

Mission Trips

Interested in a hands-on experience where you and your friends or family can be a direct blessing to refugees? Find out more about mission trip opportunities to refugee camps in Rwanda.


Support Impact Hope

We are an all-volunteer staff, which means 100% of your donation goes directly to benefit the struggling refugee families we work with, enabling kids to graduate high school, attend college, and secure careers that allow their families to leave the camps. Just a little bit goes a long way to help these determined kids.

Support refugees



Rwanda is striving to become a modern, connected country. To accomplish this they require every school to supply laptops to its students. For Impact Hope to purchase these laptops, we must rely on our donors. Each laptop costs only $250.

Provide a laptop

Send Women to School!

Impact Hope is able to send a refugee scholar to the Adventist University of Central Africa for only 1600 USD per school year. Statistics show us that educated women in Africa can avoid many common perils.

Educate Women


Interested in a mission trip to Rwanda? Help us serve refugee families by directly impacting their living conditions and providing avenues toward education. Enter your information here to receive updates on upcoming mission trip opportunities.

“We Were HOPELESS, But Now You Have Come To Support Us” -Bosco

“Thank you Impact Hope for giving us science and salvation!”

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