Join us this holiday season in helping more young refugees set up for success and impact their own futures!

Sponsor a Student

There are always students in need of sponsorship! Your support will provide a safe and secure place to get a good education and set these kids on a path toward success. Already a sponsor? Give to one of the other student-support projects. Or, help us find more kind people like you! Share this page and the mission of Impact Hope with your friends and family. It just might make a difference for one more student!

Sew Hope Project

Help provide business funding to former students who have completed a tailoring program, display a motivation to form a small business association, and submit a business plan to Impact Hope. For each business association, Impact Hope will provide funds for the necessary machines, startup materials kits, and rental space expenses. These will be provided under a 1-year contract. At the end of the year, business associates will have the opportunity to purchase their machine at a reduced cost. One association is already on their way to opening! 

Vocational Training Program

The summer vocational training program is an opportunity for Impact Hope students to remain in a safe environment and continue their education during their summer break, while allowing volunteers to come alongside and share their skills and love with the students. Volunteers teach maintenance, permaculture, tailoring, entrepreneurship, hydrotherapy, and English conversation. It is a beautiful opportunity to create new bonds between people of vastly different backgrounds.

Student Business Seed Fund

Every now and then an Impact Hope graduate demonstrates a motivation to change their circumstances, and special skills to make that happen–and all they need is a little seed money, or the right tools to do the job. We can step in to give that boost, as we did in providing a small oven for Shukuru’s new bakery. You can help us be ready for those moments. Give to the seed fund and we’ll make sure it grows.

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