Dear IMPACT HOPE Sponsors & Friends, 

As we all have become acutely aware, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the current landscape of our lives and humanitarian work around the world. This also includes Impact Hope and our work with the refugee students in Rwanda.

On March 16, the Rwandan government ordered all schools temporarily closed. This, of course, meant Impact Hope students returned to their homes at the refugee camps. Unfortunately, due to various regulations, when our students are in the camps we cannot provide any direct services. We understand how this might generate questions about your financial support. 

Impact Hope was built on a firm belief that we are called to honor God, and you, our donors, by acting as good stewards of the money you send in support of these young people. With that in mind, we wanted to share a couple of impactful ways your dollars continue to be used:

Student and Academy Support – Your sponsorship ensures that students have received the living and learning materials they needed for school. Since a portion of the student tuition supports the academy operations and teaching staff as well, sponsorship dollars will also help ensure that the school can re-open this year, and teachers remain employed. 

Impact Hope Team – While we continue sharing the mission and gathering support here in the states, our team member based at ADRA in Rwanda also continues to be essential to our operations. She stays in touch with the students and their families, and works with the principals and refugee camp partners during this time. We are all working hard to prepare for the students eventual return to school (Rwanda school year does not end until October), as well as any further needs that may arise in the meantime.

Impact Hope will not be immune to the effects of the many millions of job losses and business closures. We have always known that this is God’s mission and these are His kids, and that is where we put our trust. His ways are bigger than ours. 

Some of you have taken the time to call or email to let us know your monthly gifts will keep coming–your faith and kindness in this action have touched us more than we can adequately express. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you have further questions or would like to talk with one of us about this or about your sponsorship, please don’t hesitate to call us at (503) 673-3905. We are always happy to personally connect with the sponsors and donors who make Impact Hope possible.


Thank you for being part of the mission of Impact Hope.

~The Impact Hope Team

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