$50 a month can send a refugee to boarding school.      Change their lives now!

$50 a month can send a refugee to boarding school.

Change their lives now!


Sponsor one of the new 200 refugee students to vocational school! Only 1 year commitment, $600 is all it takes to give them a skill and a bright future.

Donate for Vocational School

You can allow a student living in a refugee camp to escape these conditions and attend boarding school!

Sponsor a student!

Girls in Congolese Refugee Camp face victimization and abuse along their 14km walk to the “local” school. Help them attend boarding school!

Save Girls from Abuse!

Impact Hope – 2018 Update

Together we’re making a difference in the lives of refugees! Now over 600 refugee students are enrolled in safe boarding schools—all because of the outpouring of support from YOU, who believe in making a lasting difference in this world.

But our work is not done. There are thousands of high school age children in need of safety and quality schooling. Impact Hope is prayerfully working hard to extend this opportunity as far as possible!

The Story of Impact Hope

After learning more about the dire refugee situation in Rwanda, and that many Seventh-day Adventist areas were also under this continuing poverty and persecution, we rallied to assist in relief efforts. We found that high school education was a way out for many of these refugee families, so Impact Hope formed to sponsor and support refugee students to attend Adventist boarding schools Rwanda.
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How You Can Help

Our all-volunteer staff means that 100% of your donation directly benefits refugees! Find out the different ways you can educate refugees, saving them from having to live their whole lives in the camp.

Françoise’s Story

Read Françoise’s letter to Impact Hope, just below. Her young life has been full of pain, but now her hopes are revived again with the chance to go to University! Thank you so much to all the generous donors! Françoise’s and her sister are so happy! Beyond words, really. Thank you for the prayers as Francoise enters a new phase in her life. She is pictured above at her home at Gihembe Refugee Camp with her sister, Deshange. Deshange is one of Impact Hope’s Academy students and is currently studying at Gahogo Adventist Academy.

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Impact Hope Updates

ADRA Rwanda worker in the Gihembe refugee camp, Betty, has alerted Impact Hope to another gap. She was the one who informed Hans Thygeson, co-founder of Impact Hope about the 98 girls who were walking to the nearest high school from the camp and often being victimized...

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Teach a Man to Fish

From early December until mid January, I was in Rwanda as a volunteer for a summer training program run by Impact Hope and ADRA Rwanda. This new program was started to teach and certify Impact Hope students in vocational skills that they can use to get a job or create...

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2nd annual Holiday Training Program

Come to Rwanda this December, 2018 or January 2019! Impact Hope will host the 2nd annual Holiday Training Program at Gitwe Adventist College to give our refugee students a vocational skill during their summer holiday. Returning to the refugee camps to visit family...

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