We are on a mission to support refugee youth in Rwanda by empowering them through Christian education and life-skills training.

Our Story

After Co-founders, Mindy and Hans Thygeson, learned more about the dire refugee situation in Rwanda in 2012, they found that high school education was a way out for many of these refugees. Impact Hope formed to sponsor and support refugee students to attend Christian boarding schools in Rwanda. 

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Vocational School

Sponsor a refugee student to attend vocational school. A one year commitment of $600 is all it takes to give them a skill and a successful future!

Support a Student

You can allow a student living in a refugee camp to escape these conditions and attend boarding school!

Keep Girls Safe

Girls in refugee camps face victimization and abuse. Help keep them safe at a Christian boarding school.

Together We’re Making a Difference!

Now over 700 refugee students are enrolled in safe boarding schools—all because of the outpouring of support from YOU, who believe in making a lasting difference in this world.

But our work is not done. There are thousands of high school age children in need of safety and quality schooling. Impact Hope is prayerfully working hard to extend this opportunity as far as possible!