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Refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo living in Rwanda

Of the refugees are women and children

For Refugees, Education Can Change their Future.

There are 80,000 refugees in Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). 81% of those refugees are women and children. 

Their home country remains volatile and corrupt. Many families have been living in the refugee camps for over 20 years with limited access to education, job opportunities, and the basic necessities for living. Their situation seems hopeless.

But Where there is Education, there is Hope!

Education equips young refugees by giving them skills and knowledge to get a job after graduating.

Education protects young refugees, especially girls, from the dangers in the camps by sending them to safe Christian boarding schools.

Education empowers refugees to break the cycle of poverty and catalyze change in their communities.

Support a student today

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Sarah’s Desire for Education

Sarah’s Desire for Education

Sarah has gentle eyes, a sweet smile and a small frame, but it is her inner strength and tenacity that shine the most. She was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 1993, only one year prior to the horrific genocide in the neighboring country of...

Hard Work Pays Off for this Nursing Student

Hard Work Pays Off for this Nursing Student

This is Tumusifu. She was part of the original selection of students with Impact Hope. She is from the Gihembe refugee camp in (Rwanda). Tumusifu wanted to be in the medical field, so she was studying math, chemistry, and biology. Because of her love of chemistry and...

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