Jan 24, 2017

A Grateful ADRA Rwanda Worker Thankful for Donor’s Sponsoring of 98 Girls

In January I got to help with the selection of the girls with ADRA Rwanda and the UNHCR. Then on January 23, all of our newly-sponsored 98 girls were on a bus along with our other students and headed to school! Soon after, I received a Facebook message from ADRA Rwanda’s education director for the Gihembe Refugee Camp, Betty.

She wrote:

“Hello Mindy.
I heard you reached safely, thanks be to God. I feel I should share with u my yesterday’s experience. I must confess that I couldn’t control my emotions when I saw a big number of boys and girls, filled with job, the smiling faces walking from their humble homes to board buses to school. I shed tears of joy. Big numbers of parents, relatives, friends all crowded to see and to wish the best and to bid farewell and goodbye kisses to their kids. The mood was one of excitement.

I must tell u that there has never been such an experience before. This is a dream come true. Yes, the dream has become a reality and it is because of Impact Hope that has indeed impacted and restored hope to refugee children to attain education in God and faith-based schools, an education they will use as a key to open so many doors in life, the knowledge, the values, dignity.

I am sure they owe this to the kindhearted and generous friends of Impact Hope. Your initiative together with your husband and children to support refugee children attain upper secondary education is highly acknowledged and is a blessing that came at a time when it was needed most.

Thank you again and again for girls special consideration. ADRA is forever grateful. What you have done leaves a legacy, extend my sincere appreciation to the whole Impact Hope team donors, friends and well-wishers. Blessed is a hand that giveth, may the good Lord who started the good work in you bring it to completion.

We know that in the case of these refugees their faithfulness is recognized by God. He has heard their prayers. And now, God is working through us all to accomplish His work to support these vulnerable young people in their educational journey and also to encourage and strengthen them for their trials to come.

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