This is Tumusifu. She was part of the original selection of students with Impact Hope. She is from the Gihembe refugee camp in (Rwanda). Tumusifu wanted to be in the medical field, so she was studying math, chemistry, and biology.

Because of her love of chemistry and learning, while she attended Gahogo Academy, she started a liquid soap making production along with a team of students that were working together. They sell the soap back to the school for their own use and also in neighboring businesses. Profits were then used to make more soap but also were used to purchase hygienic materials and shoes and other needed items for patients at the local hospital.

Upon graduation from GAHOGO Tumusifu scored very well in her college national entrance exams. So well in fact, it qualified her to attend the nursing school. Tumusifu is proud and elated to be a student at the nursing school in Rwanda. She has a wonderfully caring heart and desires more than anything to help people.

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