ADRA Rwanda worker in the Gihembe refugee camp, Betty, has alerted Impact Hope to another gap. She was the one who informed Hans Thygeson, co-founder of Impact Hope about the 98 girls who were walking to the nearest high school from the camp and often being victimized along the roadways. Now, Betty is telling Impact Hope about another group of young people who need our help.

Many youth in the camp, for one reason or another, have not even been able to complete a ninth grade education. Now, unable to continue, these youth are stuck. Because of learning about this gap, Impact Hope is evolving! Now, instead of offering only a 10-12th grade education at boarding schools in Rwanda, we will now offer vocational training to 200 refugees coming from all 6 refugee camps in Rwanda. These new students will be from the gap group that Betty informed us about. All will attend Gitwe Adventist College and choose between one of the five areas of study (electricity, permaculture, sewing, plumbing, and hairdressing).

This new program is starting May, 2018 and will continue on a year-round basis. Each year, Impact Hope plans to educate hundreds of students in this new program.

Light Bearers Ministry from Jasper, Oregon, sent thousands of Bible study tracts written in the local Kinyarwanda language with the Impact Hope team this past December.The Impact Hope students were so excited to be able to share Jesus as they handed out the tracts to local Rwandese near the Gitwe campus. All 350 students participated in the outreach and provided a concert and a spiritual thought for many. Light Bearers prints tracts in many different languages and blanket countries with the message of the Gospel.

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