Watch Tumusifu describe her liquid soap making process!

I am a producer of liquid soap and I have now become a mobile money agent* from the profit of the liquid soap project. My group members and I started our project of liquid soap after learning about the production in high school. We got an idea of developing the skills we learned into business. At that time, in 2017, we started a small business by contributing small amounts of money and then produced liquid soap to supply our school [Gahogo Adventist Academy]. Our business has developed! We started with using two jerry cans [five gallon containers] to produce the soap and now we have increased to 40 jerry cans. This achievement is because Impact Hope sponsors who paid our school fees to learn and receive the knowledge needed to help us start our project.

One of the primary goals of Impact Hope is that the students will move beyond dependence as refugees into self-sufficiency and better opportunity. Five years into the program, we are now seeing many graduates like Tumusifu taking big steps and starting their own businesses.

Your sponsorship provides more than education in a safe place–it provides hope and opportunity!


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