While visiting the Gihembe Refugee Camp in Rwanda this March, I talked to a delightful woman who is the head-mistress of the primary school at the camp. Her name is Françoise. Her sister is actually one of our 234 highschool students! Françoise was asking me if it is possible that she too can go to school. She would like to go to university. Of course, I wanted to say “YES YOU CAN!” Unfortunetely, we have commited our small non-profit with the funding of our selected students and we don’t currently have funding for Françoise.

I was impacted by Françoise, however, because she is commiting herself to her fellow refugees. She wants to only be further educated so that she can come back to her students at Gihembe Camp to be a better teacher! Wow! What devotion to her fellow refugees! What an incredible person. Her story impacted me, and I know it will also impact others enough to help.

University in Rwanda is inexpensive compared to America, yet the standards for education are still very high. For only $2500, a student can go to university for a whole year! For so little, so many will be impacted for good. Future students will be changed by the investment in Françoise.

The future of the camps and the future of Africa belong to its young people, in the capacity to gain an education and transform their communities. Will you consider impacting Françoise in this life-changing pursuit?

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