The first annual Summer Training Program is set to begin December 5th, 2017 at Gitwe Adventist Academy. Many volunteers from Oregon to New York have signed up for this mission trip of a lifetime! They will help teach, inspire, and work along-side young Congolese refugees during this technical training period.

Before the school year ended in 2016, students were asking Impact Hope if they could stay at the schools during their summer break. At the time we did not have funding to do so, but during this year of fundraising and program development, we were able to devise a way to keep the students at one of the Christian schools during their two month summer vacation.

Five areas of technical study are being offered to the nearly 400 students who will be in attendance, which include Sewing, Plumbing, Domestic Electrical, Agriculture, and Hairdressing. Each of these fields offer high employment rates to those with certificates of training. The students will need to continue technical training once graduating from their respective Christian academies. However, the training at Gitwe Adventist Academy gives the students an opportunity to work towards their certificate and it also gives them a safe place, three meals a day, and a loving Christian environment.

Thank you to all who have supported this aspect of growth in the Impact Hope program!

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