Come to Rwanda this December, 2018 or January 2019! Impact Hope will host the 2nd annual Holiday Training Program at Gitwe Adventist College to give our refugee students a vocational skill during their summer holiday. Returning to the refugee camps to visit family members for a few days here or there is a good thing. But our students know the dangers of being in the camps with nothing to do. Because of this, Impact Hope started the Holiday Training Program in December 2017. 16 American volunteers came and participated in teaching in five different areas: hairdressing, permaculture, sewing, electricity, and plumbing. The volunteers also offered classes in knitting, sports, guitar, and painting!

Besides teaching, volunteers visited a refugee camp, went to the Akagera Game Park on Safari and visited the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. One volunteer even climbed Mt. Karisimbi, the tallest mountain in Rwanda! Trips are flexible for each person.

What can you teach? Would you be willing to share you talents with 600 of your closest African friends?

It is an experience of a lifetime! Fill out the application form to be on your way to Rwanda with Impact Hope!

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